OpenStack NOVA Client v. 5.0.1.dev3

This is a client for the OpenStack Nova API. There's a Python API (the novaclient module), and a command-line script (nova). Each implements 100% of the OpenStack Nova API.


Release Notes

What's new

This version add in OpenStack Nova support for INDIGO developments (preemptible instances, etc.)

Supported Platforms:

  • CentOS7, Ubuntu14.04, OpenStack

List of RfCs

  • N/A

Deployment Notes

After setting the INDIGO-DC repositories as explained in the Generic Installation & Configuration Guide:

  • On CentOS 7, as root or otherwise using sudo:
    $ yum install -y
    $ yum clean all
    $ yum install python2-novaclient
  • On Ubuntu 14.04, as root or otherwise using sudo:
    $ add-apt-repository cloud-archive:liberty
    $ apt-get update
    $ apt-get install python-novaclient

  • See the OpenStack CLI guide for information on how to use the nova command-line tool. You may also want to look at the OpenStack API documentation.

  • Known Issues

  • N/A


  • The product extends the current set of operations of python-novaclient by adding the preemptible option, needed by OPIE product. The documentation included in OpenStack Preemptible Instances Extension (OPIE) cover this new functionality added to the API.

List of Artifacts


  • python2-novaclient-5.0.1.dev3-0indigo.el7.centos.noarch.rpm
  • python3-novaclient_5.0.1.dev3-indigo2_all.deb
  • python-novaclient_5.0.1.dev3-indigo2_all.deb
  • python-novaclient-doc_5.0.1.dev3-indigo2_all.deb


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