CloudInfoProvider v. 0.8.5

The Cloud Information provider generates a representation of cloud resources, to be published inside INDIGO - DataCloud CMDB.


Release Notes

What's new

Highlights of the first release:

  • The generated representation is described using a Mako template having access to the cloud middleware information.
  • An Ansible role is available:
  • Retrieves images information from OpenNebula and OpenStack.
  • send-to-cmdb tool provided for inserting/updating image information inside the INDIGO CMDB (Does not touch images not present in the local cloud middleware).

Supported Platforms

  • CentOS7 and Ubuntu 14.04 (trusty)

List of RfCs

  • N/A

Deployment Notes

installation & Configuration:

Known Issues

  • N/A


List of Artifacts



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