Automated Solutions

The INDIGO - DataCloud project provides a rich set of high-level automated functionalities. Some of the most innovative are:

  • Improved capabilities in the geographical exploitation of Cloud resources. End users need not know where resources are located, because the INDIGO PaaS layer hides the complexity of both scheduling and brokering.
  • Standard interface to access PaaS services. INDIGO uses the TOSCA standard to hide the difference on the different way of implementing services at the PaaS level.
  • Support for data requirements in Cloud resource allocations: computational resources can be requested and allocated where data is stored.
  • Integrated use of resources coming from both public and private Cloud infrastructures.
  • Deployment, monitoring and automatic scalability of existing applications.
  • Integrated support for high-performance Big Data analytics.
  • Support for dynamic and elastic clusters of resources. HTCondor, Torque and Mesos cluster are supported.

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