Orchestrator v. 1.0.0

This is the Orchestrator of the PaaS layer, a core component of the INDIGO - DataCloud project. It receives high-level deployment requests and coordinates the deployment process over the CMFs and Mesos.


Release Notes

What's new

This is the first release o the Orchestrator.

  • features:
    • Support for the Data Location Scheduling (OneData)
    • Support for Configuration Database for the IaaS Resources
    • Cloud Provider choice (SLAM, CMDB, Monitoring, CPR integration)
    • Ranking of the resources via Cloud Provider Ranker
    • Implement AAI support and IM authentication relay
    • Use selected Cloud Provider for deploy/update/undeploy
    • Image ID substitution in TOSCA template (to support multiple CP
  • changes:
    • Removed OneDock-specific authentication
  • fixes:
    • TOSCA: required inputs with default value not handled correctly
    • Provider choice override for Chronos single provider

Supported Platforms:

  • The orchestrator can run on all the platforms that support the execution of Docker containers or Wildfly 9

List of RfCs

  • See CHANGELOG for a complete list of solved issues

Deployment Notes


List of Artifacts

Docker Container:


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