jSAGA ResourceManager API v. 1.2.0

The Resource Management API is an extension of the SAGA specification / JSAGA implementation. It does not replace the standard Job/Data Management API.

It allows to acquire and manage resources (compute, storage, network). One can then use these resources to run job or manage data (with existing job/data API). Features of this API include:

  • Wrapping to underlying technologies (cloud, pilot jobs, grid…) to an uniform API,
  • Asynchronous mode (task),
  • Timeout management,
  • Notification (metrics),
  • Security context forwarding.


Release Notes

What's new

Highlights on the improvements, new features and/or important fixes:

  • Implemented the SAGA ResourceManagement API

Supported Platforms :

  • any OS supporting Java 1.7 or later

List of RfCs

    • N/A

Deployment Notes

Installation methods :

```mvn clean ; mvn install (on developer's host)```

Known Issues

  • N/A


List of Artifacts


  • jsaga-installer-1.2.0-20160802.161115-8-bin.tar.gz


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