OpenStack Identity Authentication Library v. 2.10.0

OpenStack Identity Authentication Library - Keystoneauth - provides a standard way to do authentication and service requests within the OpenStack ecosystem. It is designed for use in conjunction with the existing OpenStack clients and for simplifying the process of writing new clients.

The version release in INDIGO-1 adds support for INDIGO AAI developments

This package contains tools for authenticating to an OpenStack-based cloud. These tools include:

  • Authentication plugins (password, token, and federation based)
  • Discovery mechanisms to determine API version support
  • A session that is used to maintain client settings across requests (based on the requests Python library)


Release Notes

What's new

This library implements all the Keystone authentication libraries.

  • Refactored and fixed the whole OpenID Connect support
    • patches have been sent upstream [1]
  • Currently there is support for two OpenID Connect grant types (password and authorization code) as well as the reusal of an existing access_token (so three different auth plugins)

  • Please see also the details included in UPSTREAM CHANGELOG

List of RfCs

Deployment Notes

After setting the INDIGO-DC repositories as explained in the Generic Installation & Configuration Guide:

  • On CentOS 7, as root or otherwise using sudo:
    $ yum install -y
    $ yum clean all
    $ yum install python-openstackclient
  • On Ubuntu 14.04, as root or otherwise using sudo:
    $ add-apt-repository cloud-archive:liberty
    $ apt-get update
    $ apt-get install python3-keystoneauth1
    $ apt-get install python-keystoneauth1

Known Issues


List of Artifacts


  • CentOS 7
    • python2-keystoneauth1-2.10.1-0.el7.centos.noarch.rpm
  • Ubuntu 14.04
    • python3-keystoneauth1_2.10.0-indigo1_all.deb
    • python-keystoneauth1_2.10.0-indigo1_all.deb
    • python-keystoneauth1-doc_2.10.0-indigo1_all.deb
    • python-keystoneauth1_2.10.0-indigo1.debian.tar.xz
    • python-keystoneauth1_2.10.0-indigo1.dsc
    • python-keystoneauth1_2.10.0.orig.tar.gz


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