Partition Director v. 0.08-1

Partition Director ease management of a hybrid data center, where both Batch System based and cloud based services are provided. Physical computing resources can play both roles in a mutual exclusive fashion.

The Partition Director takes care of commuting the role of one or more physical machines from "Worker Node" (member of the batch system cluster) to "Compute Node" (member of a cloud instance) and vice versa.


Release Notes

What's new

Highlights of first release:

  • Current release only works with the IBM/Platform LSF Batch system (version 7.0x or higher) and Openstack Cloud manager instances (Kilo or newer).

Supported Platforms:

  • Operating System = CentOS 7
  • Cloud Management Frameworks = Openstack v. >= KILO

List of RfCs

Deployment Notes

  • Installation is done through the RPMs provided and configuration files
  • See also Deployment Details

Known Issues

  • N/A


List of Artifacts


  • python-dynpart-partition-director-0.08-1.el7.centos.noarch.rpm
  • python-lsf-dynpart-partition-director-0.08-1.el7.centos.noarch.rpm


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